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Much of the work in CAP is executed via our standing committee. Our current committee members are

Board of Directors:

  • Yuefeng Xie (解跃峰), Chairman
  • Qiang Bu (卜强)
  • Yohchia Chen (陳幼佳)
  • Enyang Guo (郭恩扬)
  • Jianming Hu (胡建明)
  • Duanping Liao (廖端平)
  • Zhoude Shao (邵周德)
  • Lihua Xu (徐梨花)
  • You Zhou (周游)


  • President: You Zhou (周游)
  • Treasurer and Membership: Siyu Liu (刘思羽)
  • Award Committee Co-Chairs: Duanping Liao (廖端平) & You Zhou (周游)
  • China Visa Operation Officers: Qiang Bu (卜强) & Jianming Hu (胡建明)
  • Membership Directory Committee Chair: Peng Chen (陈鹏)
  • Newsletter Committee Co-Editors: Ran Liu (刘冉) & Shuai Shao (邵帅)
  • Outdoor Activity Committee Chair: Yuefeng Xie (解跃峰)
  • Webmaster Committee Chair: Hao Tang (唐浩)

Past Committee Members (May 2013-May 2017):

  • Chairman of the Board: Duanping Liao (廖端平)
  • President: Yuefeng Xie (解跃峰)
  • Treasurer: Zhoude Shao (邵周德)