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CAP members had the 2017 spring meeting and lunch gathering on Saturday, January 21, 2017 in Harrisburg, PA.

Photo Caption:

Back Row (left to right): Mr. Peng Chen (陈鹏), Mr. You Zhou (周游), Dr. Yuefeng Xie (解跃峰), Dr. Duanping Liao (廖端平), Mr. Lin Guo (郭林), Mr. Rei-Huang Hu (胡瑞寰) and Dr. Jianming Hu (胡建明);

Front Row: (left to right): Ms. Ran Liu (刘冉), Ms. Siyu Liu (刘思羽), Mr. Kuan Huang (黄宽), Mr. Robert Ge (葛幸来), Dr. Qiang Bu (卜 强) and Dr. Zhoude Shao (邵周德).